Beard Transplant

beard man

The beard is the perfect element at level esthetics but also ideal for camouflaging facial deformities previously suffered. In addition, the beard gives an effect pleasant to a man. In a Turkish proverb it says: "I do not have beards, for they listen to my voice," this proverb shown the importance of the beard. In addition, people beardless, who have not beard, can have depression. The beard is not only a visual effect but also a psychological effect. With the beard, the people have more confidence in him-self and he lives well. Nowadays, the problem of beardless appears due to various reasons, in addition, the events such as accidents and burns can causing the beardless problem. Especially when these three elements come together, poor nutrition, stress and genetics, causes the fact of not having a beard, that is why the beardless begin to be common nowadays.

The transplant of beard, came to our country in 2005, and has since become an operation that is done successfully thanks to new technologies. The transplant of beard, after this year, was made on a lot of people in Turkey. Currently, thanks to the experience of our physicians, it is done with great success. Thanks to newly developed technology, success in transplantation of beard has grown significantly. Negative results after operations are very very low.

Thanks to transplant beard problems such as the beard that does not grow, beardless and scarcity are eliminated. The secret of this success lies in the experience and technology. Every day that passes, a new invention of technology facilitates our work and helps us to transplant the beard. Using these techniques which develop, the men who are beardless since years can have the beard which is a sign of male pride. In addition, esthetic problems that arise because of the scarcity in beard area can be eliminated thanks to the transplant of beard.
The same way, it is possible to hide the traces of injury and burns by the transplant of beard on the traces. The transplant of beard is a technique that can be useful to people in many ways. Thanks to the transplant of beard, you can hide items that spoil the appearance of your face aesthetic, you can stop being beardless and have a new style.